Technetronic Srl, a leading provider of design, production and service solutions for robotics and industrial automation based in Limena (PD), joins Main Group Technologies Srl, a historic Venetian company, which boasts a long-lasting tradition of global technological leadership in machines and production systems for the footwear sector, in turn belonging to the Atom Spa industrial group, headquartered in Vigevano (PV) with production and distribution branches on all the continents.


Main Group has acquired 100% of the shares of Technetronic directly from the founders of the Paduan company, Oscar, Ivano and Leonardo Zanella, who not only are still at the helm of the company – supported by the new management – but will also take on roles with various responsibilities including innovation, robotics and automation for Main Group itself as well as for all the industrial and commercial companies of the Atom group worldwide.


The esteem and appreciation for the technological skills that Technetronic has gained in the field together with its ability to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers led us to ask the Zanella brothers to combine their great team with the brand, tradition and global presence of Main Group and the other companies of the Atom group,” Mariano Bonato, chairman of Main Group Technologies, declared.Now we are facing important technological challenges to revolutionize the production processes of the footwear sector as well as of other areas in the perspective with the aim of increasing our quality, efficiency, social and environmental sustainability, to spread the Italian innovation all over the world.”


Technetronic has specialized in automation systems for the manufacturing industry and then has expanded its reach by acquiring skills and strategic customers in robotics and anthropomorphic welding applications for various industrial sectors. Today, through the combination of our competence and expertise, we are working on cutting-edge “organizational welding” solutions with the Main Group team and the international structure of the Atom group. The project that we have shared with enthusiasm will allow us to offer increasingly advanced, integrated and sustainable innovation solutions on all the markets, leveraging the strength and competence of our team characterised by great engineering, production and service skills,” the founders Oscar, Ivano and Leonardo Zanella explain.


Technetronic will continue the production with its own brand at the current headquarters in Limena (PD); it has expanded its staff with new resources and technologies to expand the field of industrial applications, with the aim of establishing itself on the global market as a distinctive leader in the field of advanced robotics and mechatronics, thus acting as an “automation factory” for Main Group and the whole Atom group.


Limena (PD), 29 October 2020

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